Nivedita Menon: Toolkits of democracy and a paranoid Hindu Rashtra

Let me tell you what the Delhi Police knows. And I do not mean the abstract entity called Delhi Police. I mean every single IPS officer and every constable involved in carrying out the “toolkit investigation.” They know that 22 year old Disha Ravi is not the Prime Mover along with the relatively recently formed Canada-based Poetic Justice Foundation  (set up in March 2020) , in a plot to overthrow the Indian government. They know this because the IPS officers at least, can read English and a simple search would show them that the term “toolkit” in this context is basically used by organizers of street protests against autocracies the world over, for peacefully expressing mass dissent.

Here is one such article from 2013 called The Dissident’s Toolkit, in the context of the Arab Spring. The author Erica Chenoweth (soon to be honoured with an arrest warrant) explains:

"Research shows, in fact, that demonstrations are just one of many tools that civil resistance movements can use to effect change. Successful movements are those that use a wide array of methods to pressure their state opponents while keeping their activists safe. The demonstration tactic we’re used to seeing is just one of many hundreds of tactics available to civilians seeking change - and successful campaigns for change must use more than just a single tactic."

A Tale Of Two Toolkits: Police Double Standards?

The Delhi Police know this just as they knew that the Bhima Koregaon accused (now in jail for about 3 years) were not involved in any plot to overthrow the government or to assassinate the Prime Minister, because police circles certainly knew that malware had to be embedded into the laptops of the accused to set up this case. This revelation was made by Arsenal Consulting, a United States digital forensics firm, the CEO of which will soon be proved to be part of the Khalistani-Urban Maoist-Jihadi network, funded by 18 year old Greta Thunberg. They too can expect to be honoured with an arrest warrant….

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