Geetanjali Gayatri: Agitation against farm laws turns the spotlight on Punjabi women

History is replete with stories of their heroism because valour runs in the Punjabi blood. But, unfortunately, so does patriarchy. And, there is absolutely no dearth of ghastly tales of honour killing, of female foeticide, of subjugation of the fairer sex and worse. These, however, are dark alleys and just not the place to be when the frost in the air gives way and spring is knocking, when the fields are yellow with mustard flowers, when the wheat crop stretches endlessly like a carpet of green and farmers await its shiny golden hues.

This, then, can’t be a season for pessimism. Not in Punjab, most certainly. The farmers have been camping at the Delhi borders against the controversial farm laws right through the three long months of a harsh winter and though no end is yet in sight for their agitation, there is a silver lining to this cloud of struggle. And that comes from the very women who have always lived in the shadows of their men — of fathers and brothers and sons and husbands — and only stepped out when asked to…

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