Books reviewed: Repression in Xi’s China

In Hong Kong in Revolt, labor organizer Au Loong-Yu analyzes the protests that rocked the city in 2019. The participants were pushing back against the politically motivated disqualification of pro-democracy legislators, the imprisonment of nonviolent activists on trumped-up charges, and other oppressive moves by the Hong Kong authorities, who represent local moneyed interests and take their cues from Beijing leaders who increasingly act like heads of an empire. Au sees both anti-capitalist and anti-colonial dimensions to the 2019 protests, although he argues that activists should have been less focused on what sets Hong Kong residents apart from those living in mainland urban centers and more interested in using shared working-class grievances as a basis for building border-spanning solidarity.

The War on the Uyghurs, by anthropologist Sean R. Roberts, who directs the International Development Studies Program at George Washington University, focuses on repression rather than resistance. Roberts makes a compelling case for seeing the Chinese Communist Party’s actions in Xinjiang, where many members of the largely Muslim local population are now detained in camps, as constituting a horrific crime against humanity.

Read together, these books show how the political conditions in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, often treated separately, are linked….

Hong Kong police arrest pro-democracy activists in widening crackdown

Uyghur leader Dolkun Isa’s statement on India’s withdrawal of his visa // India denies visa to Tiananmen activist Lu Jinghua

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Bharat Bhushan: China sizes up PM Modi and India // Mohan Guruswamy: Why the Chinese are laughing at us

Photographer Li Zhensheng remembered for his harrowing images of the Cultural Revolution

Lt Gen H. S. Panag (retd): India’s Fingers have come under Chinese boots. Denial won’t help us // Colonel S Dinny: How China changed status quo

13-Year-Old Mongolian Girl Hunts With Golden Eagles

'He killed a party and a country': a Chinese insider hits out at Xi Jinping

Wei Jingsheng THE FIFTH MODERNIZATION (1978) // Rong Jian: A China bereft of thought (2013)

Gui Minhai, detained Hong Kong bookseller, jailed for 10 years in China

Chinese Nobel laureate's widow 'ready to die' in house arrest

China’s gift to Europe is a new version of crony capitalism. By Martin Hala

The Crises of Party Culture: by Yang Guang

An Open Letter to the world on the Bangladesh crisis of 1971

Book review: The State as Faction: Mao’s Cultural Revolution

Remembering June 4, 1989 - Families of Tiananmen Square ctims accuse Beijing of three decades of 'white terror' // Tiananmen Mothers: No Amount of Power Can Rub Out June Fourth

June 4, 1989 - the Chinese people struggle for democracy. Timeline of the Tiananmen protests

China’s Brave Underground Journal - Remembrance

Looking Back at the June 4 Massacre, Twenty-Four Years on

June 4, 1989 - the Chinese people struggle for democracy


The People's Republic of Amnesia - Remembering A Forgotten Tiananmen

Minxin Pei - China’s historical amnesia

China Labour Bulletin

Uyghur leader Dolkun Isa’s statement on India’s withdrawal of his visa // India denies visa to Tiananmen activist Lu Jinghua

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Hong Kong pro-democracy protests – in pictures

Hong Kong students begin democracy protest - Chinese people struggle for democracy

Cops, Protesters Clash In Huge Hong Kong Demonstrations - Photos

Magnus Fiskesjö: China's Thousandfold Guantánamos

China is committing ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang – it's time for the world to stand up: Frances Eve

Dissident artist Ai Weiwei says virus has only strengthened China's 'police state'
China's hidden camps What's happened to the vanished Uighurs of Xinjiang?

Chinese lawyer who exposed baby milk scandal jailed for subversion

Tom Phillips - China seeks to eradicate 'vile effect' of independent journalism

'Hero who told the truth': Chinese rage over coronavirus death of whistleblower doctor

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Death of 'barefoot lawyer' puts focus on China's treatment of political prisoners

Chinese human rights lawyer ‘totally changed man’ after being jailed

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