Belarus: Police raid homes of journalists, activists // ‘Nowadays I often cry’ An interview with Victor Martinovich

Police in Belarus carried out 22 raids on the homes and offices of journalists, human rights activists and trade union members on Tuesday. The raids were part of an investigation into mass anti-government protests, officials said. The former Soviet nation has been gripped by weekend protests ever since strongman President Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory in a disputed election on August 9, 2020. But authorities clamped down hard on the public resistance, detaining tens of thousands of demonstrators and opposition members….

‘Nowadays I often cry’ An interview with Victor Martinovich

Physical violence and political repression continue to torment Belarusian streets. Ongoing activism incurs a heavy, emotional toll. Could solace and stamina be found in literature, metaphysical reflections on the question of evil?

Victor Martinovich’s novel Revolution, published in October 2020, premiered somewhat covertly because many Minsk bookstores did not want to risk holding a book signing. Serge Sakharau spoke with Victor via Zoom about his recent experiences, five books to read now and the difference between bravery and courage…

'Resign!': Alexander Lukashenko heckled by factory workers in Minsk // 'We will win': vast Belarus rally adamant Lukashenko must go

Salute the spirit of resistance to tyranny - 'We can only help ourselves': women in Belarus take protests into their own hands

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