After the Truth Shower

Dear Readers

Thank you for reading my blog for the past eleven years. (This is a link to the new one) During this time it has had nearly 1.7 million hits; and I have posted over 9500 posts covering a variety of themes. From July 11 to 19, 2022, my blog was withdrawn by the Blogger administration on account of what its machinery suspected to be 'Impersonation'. It took over a week and the efforts of several well-wishers to get it back online

I thank them all for their kindness and goodwill 

My blog has always been - and remains - non-commercial. I have used it for academic purposes; and to foster a culture of debate and informed commentary in civil society. Because it contains a large amount of material gathered and collated for over a decade, I cannot afford to lose its contents. I hope it will remain undisturbed now and function as an archive. However, I have decided to use a new blog on WordPress as a platform for my newest comments and posts

The new blog is titled After the Truth Shower. Aside from fresh posts, it will carry an archive of about 1200 older posts (which is all that could be uploaded from Blogger, with the help of some friends).

The new blog will also carry live links to this older blog. I will maintain it, so you can keep reading it. 

I will also transfer some educational content from the old to the new blog. The 362 followers of my blog are warmly invited to subscribe to After the Truth Shower

With regards to all


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