Wednesday, September 17, 2014

From Jadavpur University, Kolkata – ‘I am, one of those survivors, who has experienced a nightmare last night': Tanumay Naskar

 This is an account of the events of last night in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, were students sitting in on a peaceful protest against university authorities inaction on a recent complaint of sexual harrasment. What followed (an attack from two fronts, by police and goons affiliated to the Trinamool Congress) brought back memories of the many times that students have been attacked mercilessly in JU. Currently, around 40 students have had to receive medical attention, and 38 are in police detention. Protests against this event are being organized today in Kolkata (at 4:00 in the afternoon, at Jadavpur University, and at 6:00 PM at JNU in Delhi, by the JNU Students Union)

I am one of those survivors who has experienced a nightmare last night. We were singing. We were dancing. We were peacefully protesting. 
When someone yelled, “Let’s make the barricades, the police is coming”. 
After that, we saw police (READ GOONS) of grade A, barred all the entrances and charged us with Lathis. They molested our fellow female students, they walked on them to get our ‘RESPECTED’ VC out. And when we tried to stop those goons from molesting our fellow female students, we were kicked in the stomachs, dragged out of Aurobindo Bhavan and while all of these was happening, the LIGHTS of the AUROBINDO BHAVAN were suddenly put out and our ‘RESPECTED’ VC walked on girls to get his smart-ass out of the campus.

The goons were not done yet, now the blood-sport took place in front of Aurobindo Bhavan, where they dragged us and tried to take us out to arrest us. 
Then they started to manhandle us. I was dragged out of Aurobindo Bhavan, while being kicked at my stomach constantly. Then, I was dragged till in front of Aurobindo Bhavan, I tried to snatch two of my friends from those hooligans, but I was kicked on my RIB CAGE with heavy boots and then while I was down, they squashed my left foot.

My friends were beaten to pulp, they were molested, they were almost got killed. Friends from the Engineering department are severely injured, they’re at KPC Medical Hospital and those who were taken into custody were released today. I urge all people, to visit KPC hospitals with some donations so that our friends can be taken care of properly. I was minimally injured, but I delayed my medical check up because, while I was sitting at the Aurobindo Bhavan, my friends were at the LaalBazar Police Station.

There will be a march from Jadavpur University, today from 4:00. 
Be there! 
Because, today it was Jadavpur University, tomorrow it’ll be your lane, your mahalla, your village, your bus root, your rail station.