Rajnath denies rift in BJP // Lets believe everything we're told..

Rajnath denies rift in BJP

No one is unhappy in the BJP
There are no differences of opinion
We are all one happy family
There is nothing unusual about Robert's land acquisitions
Narendraji has no ambitions to be PM
The RSS is a cultural organization with no political interest
The BJP chooses its own president, PM candidate etc.
The RSS loves Muslims and Christians
V.D. Savarkar had nothing to do with the murder of one Mohandas Gandhi
There is no financial crisis in Punjab
Punjab leaders urgently need BMW motor cars for fulfilling public duties
There is no economic crisis in the country
A bright future awaits the Left
Armed revolution is sure to succeed by 2050
The Government of India was in no way responsible for the tragic events of 1984
The Gujarat government was in no way responsible for the tragic events of 2002
The RSS was in no way responsible for the tragic events of 2008
The ex-Railway Minister had no knowledge of his nephew’s activities
Gazetted officers of the Indian Union have no knowledge of 'hafta'
Station House Officers do NOT purchase their posts in an auction
Policemen become specialists in encounters due to repeated coincidences
The Indian news media are unfailingly balanced & sober in their reportage
All criminal cases against MP's and MLA's have been fabricated by enemies of democracy
Nationalist Indians must always remember 1528
Everyone must forget 2002
Those who forget 2002 must remember 1984
Those who forget 1984 must remember 2002
Coal mining is a self-propelling system
The Commonwealth Games proved India’s world class status
Nuclear weapons are good for us
Nuclear power is good for us
Fukushima is a freak occurrence
Chernobyl was also a freak occurrence
Radiated soil and water are symbols of national glory
The Federation of Chambers of Commerce are devoted to abolishing poverty
Economists know best how the economy works
Mining enterprises are good for adivasis
The Reddy brothers joined the BJP to serve the Nation
India is Number One in arms imports – how jolly
The Deoband Ulema’s fatwas are beneficial to Indian Muslims
Asaram Bapu is incapable of…
Bhindranwale was a glorious martyr to the cause of…
Mahendra Karma was a  glorious martyr to the cause of…
Pandits fled the Kashmir Valley for love of Jagmohan & refugee settlements
All Kashmiris love Indian security forces
Indian security forces love Hanuman
The Ram Temple agitation is completely non-political
Ram Lalla appeared in Babri Masjid of his own accord
Babri Masjid disappeared of its own accord
Defence contractors work for the security of the Nation
Indian Muslims are delighted that Salman Rushdie did not come to Jaipur
Indian communalism is good for Indian secularism
The BJP loves MF Husain’s art
The CPM loves Taslima Nasreen
The CPI loves whatever the CPM loves
Maoists never behead anyone
Maoists never derail trains
North easterners love Delhi’s welcoming ambiance
Akhilesh Yadav is an efficient administrator
Muslims always wear skull caps
Narendraji loves skull caps and puppies
Real Muslim women are those under burqas
Raj Thackeray loves Biharis
Bal Thackeray loved his fellow Indians, especially inhabitants of Matunga
Delhi is safe for women
Indian culture respects women
The Indian justice system is a beacon of righteousness
Global warming is a conspiracy of jhola-walas to thwart national development
Human rights activists are anti-national
The Maharashtran government hates superstitious practices
Indian leaders never consult astrologers
Indian rationalists deserve jail terms for hurting popular sentiment
The Virgin Mary may be seen weeping in a Mahim church
Ganesha may be seen drinking milk everywhere
Worshipping a hair of a prophet is not idolatry
Fundamentalists had nothing to do with the murder of Narendra Dabholkar
Hindu communalism is a myth fabricated by communists and Muslims
Muslim communalism is a myth invented by Zionists, Brahmins and imperialists
The Indian police treat all citizens equally
Untouchability is abolished and therefore non-existent
Princely titles are abolished and therefore non-existent
Ms Jayalalithaa is modest and self-effacing to a fault
Ms Mayawati has no interest in acquiring wealth
Raja Bhaiyya loves alligators as he does all animal life
Bodos desperately need a homeland
Computer-literate middle-classes are restrained in expressing their political views
Delhi University’s academic institutions are self-correcting
Indian education encourages students to think for themselves
The Planning Commission’s excellent toilets are open to the public
The public's excellent toilets are open to the Planning Commission
Tis Hazari's toilets & judges chambers are NOT meant for monkeys
Monkeys are NOT welcome in All India Medical Institute
All white Ambassador cars unfailingly obey traffic rules
All aspirants to the Indian Revenue Service are eager to serve the Nation
Mamata loves bicycles
The cadres of the Trinamul Congress teach non-violence by example
Presidency University attracts world-class professors.. etc etc


I will report all suspicious looking objects and persons to the Police

Dhande Mataram!!

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