Saturday, April 26, 2014

SVA’s 1986 Appeal to the National Integration Council

[This appeal was made in 1986 to the India’s National Integration Council by the Movement Against Communalism or Sampradayikta Virodhi Andolan. It appeared in print in Mainstream weekly on 26 April 1986. It is uploaded here as part of the SVA archive]

"Appeal to the National Integration Council.

The country is now facing a moment of truth. The communal situation is so ugly as to demand of all well meaning Indians that they discard all their webs of. self-deception and examine both our past and present condition in a mood of humility and self-criticism. We address this appeal to the NIC in the knowledge that its contents may be unpalatable to some, but in trust that the members of this august patriots, will respect the sincerity of our fellow-Indians who wish to raise voices against this cancer which is destroying our country.

Members of the NIC will appreciate that the legitimacy of any government rests upon the faith that common citizens have in its even-handedness.  The administration must not merely satisfy itself that the Law is Blind, but, most crucially be seen to be non-partisan by all well-meaning citizens. If you accept this, then kindly consider the following points very seriously [. . .] "

Read the full text here:

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