Monday, April 14, 2014

Her movie date turned into a surprise wedding proposal

Since time immemorial, magical wedding proposals in fairytales have made every girl yearn for her Prince Charming and a happily-ever-after. These childhood dreams often feel like a sham, seldom come true and rarely in a way that could make Cinderella herself jealous. But it did for Tanvi. 

When Avinash, an Indian living in Canada, decided to take his relationship with his girlfriend Tanvi in New Delhi to the next level, he did it the most aww-inducing way possible (you'll agree too once you watch the video). Unaware of Avinash's big surprise, an unsuspecting Tanvi accompanies her friend Saumya to the theatre for a movie premiere. A movie premiere it is, but this one is just for her.

The movie opens to an old man and his wife taking a romantic stroll and then travels back in time to their 25th anniversary, the day their son was born and their wedding - every bit of it spells 'timeless love' in capital letters. "What kinda movie is this yaar? Hindi hai, English hai... what is it really?" a confused Tanvi asks her friend. Little does she know what's instore for her. Just then she sees Avinash on the screen. "I'm coming," he says. "OMG, Saumya... what is happening?" she asks.  

'Tanvi weds Avinash' flashes on the screen, all those moments that were earlier shown in the movie have a face now, that of Avinash. She sees her and Avinash's parents together and tears roll down her cheeks, she can't fight them anymore. The movie ends and Avinash enters the theatre and goes down on his knee.  In this most perfect moment, he almost forgets the most important thing, Watch to find out