Violence continues in Delhi // In plea to Supreme Court, Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad blames BJP’s Kapil Mishra for Delhi clashes

NB: This is the capital of India under Messrs Modi and Amit Shah: open calls to violence by their political allies and front-men, shameless partisan behaviour by the administration. To their defenders, I can only say that nothing remains to be defended or papered over. The Indian state has been overrun by a brutal political faction which owes allegiance to the ideological project of the RSS. Its modus operandi is to target poor people in the name of religious affiliation and disrupt ordinary life on a daily basis.

It is an indication of the central place of communal politics for the Indian ruling class that this has been going on for decades. Gurudwaras were burnt in 1984, mosques are being burnt today. Here's a Reuters photograph of a man being beaten by scores of 'patriots'. 

The entire Citizenship Bill matter is a ruthless and unnecessary fabrication - its sole intent is to disturb normal life for some more decades, just as the Ayodhya issue has done. The Sangh Parivar will not let us live in peace, nor exercise our democratic right to peaceful protest. Either we kneel before them or we will be abused, intimidated, beaten or killed. DS
Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad on Tuesday made a fresh application in the Supreme Court over violence in Northeast Delhi, seeking direction to register FIRs on complaints made in respect of attacks that started in the evening of February 23. The court has agreed to hear his petition. Seven people, including a Delhi Police head constable, were killed on Monday as people for and against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act clashed in Jafrabad and Maujpur in Northeast Delhi. Azad has alleged that BJP leader Kapil Mishra was responsible for inciting and orchestrating the violence.

He has also sought security for women protesting at Shaheen Bagh in south Delhi, which has come to national limelight. The anti-CAA protest at Shaheen Bagh has been going on for 80 days. Protests have been going on in Northeast Delhi since Saturday night, but tension spiralled after Mishra demanded that the police remove the protesters within three days. “We will wait till [US President Donald] Trump is here [in Delhi]. But after that, we won’t even listen to you [the police] if the roads aren’t cleared. We are appealing you [police] to clear Jafrabad and Chand Bagh till Trump leaves. If not, we’ll have to take to the streets,” Mishra said in a video.

And after Monday’s violence, Mishra appealed for peace. “I appeal to everyone to stop violence as it will not lead to any solution. Whether it is people who are supporting CAA or those who are against it, I appeal everyone to maintain peace. Delhi’s brotherhood should remain intact.” The Bhim Army chief had written to Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on Monday, expressing concern over the safety of people....

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