Monday, August 31, 2015

Workers Demonstration Tomorrow 10am, 1st September 2015 Kamla Nehru Park to the DC Office Gurgaon

Workers Juloos and Sabha
Tomorrow 10am, 1st September 2015
Kamla Nehru Park to the DC Office Gurgaon
called by
Workers Solidarity Centre (Gurgaon-Bawal)

The campaigning around the strike-call in the past few days of listening closely to the rumblings in the factories and streets from Gurgaon to Bawal has been extremely energizing. Many independent factory unions and workers in the auto belt belt will strike day-after. We were also witness to great response to the campaign in the non-unionized garment industries where over 400000 wage-workers toil without end in horrendous conditions to produce clothes for the world. Mr.Modi's pro-capitalist reforms will not be taken lying down in this showcase zone of the developmental model in India, by Those-Who-Make-in-India.

More significantly than and connecting to the one-day general strike called half-heartedly by the Central Trade Unions, these concrete actions promise to connect to the already ongoing struggles/strikes in some factories since the last few months, like that of Uniproduct workers in Bawal, or TVS Bawal where apprentice workers unity was witnessed in the strike action last month. The earlier struggles from AutofitBaxter,ASTIMunjal Kiriu, Nerolac, Daikin, NSK, Hero Motorcorp to name only a few, are also not over, and many terminated, contract, permanent workers from these factories, strengthened in struggle, have taken a key role in the campaign by Workers Solidarity Centre in the last few days. Meanwhile all the four Maruti Suzuki factories have already declared the stopping of production day-after, which is significant given the extent of repression on these workers.

हिस्सा ले !
मजदूर सभा और जुलूस
1 सितम्बर 2015, सुबह 10 बजे
कमला-नेहरु-पार्क (गुडगाँव बस स्टैंड के नजदीक गुरुद्वारा के पास) से गुडगाँव DC कार्यालय
यह जुलूस--सभा मोदी सरकार द्वारा किए जा रहे श्रम-कानूनों में मजदूर-विरोधी बदलाव के खिलाफ 2 सितम्बर के अखिल-भारतीय मज़दूर हड़ताल के समर्थन में मजदूर सहयोग केंद्र (गुडगाँव-बावल) के तरफ से किया जा रहा है. DC गुडगाँव के पास सभी यूनियनों के तरफ से प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी के नाम पत्र दिया जायेगा.

मजदूर-विरोधी श्रम कानूनों के खिलाफ 
मजदूर एकता जिंदाबाद!

End the regime of exploitation-repression in the name of Labour Law Reforms!
Make the 2nd September 2015 all-India Strike successful !
on behalf of Workers Solidarity Centre (Gurgaon-Bawal)
Rajpal (09466167876), Khusiram (9911258717), Amit (09873057637)