"Leftists never condemn Islamist terror"

NB: This is an accusation that is repeated on a daily basis by sympathisers of the Sangh Parivar/and or the Modi government. The latest such may be read here. For those still interested in truth over propaganda, I append a short list of material on jehadi terror and Muslim communalism that has appeared on my blog. I am an avowed socialist, but a critical one. The list leaves aside other sources, (apart from the first two links below). The third link ("An Open letter to the world'.." is a letter I wrote 43 years ago, against the Naxalite policy on Bangladesh: DS

Long Live Charlie Hebdo! : A letter to the left-leaning
Turkey nightclub shooting: Istanbul mourns victims as search continues

Faiza Mirza: Memoirs of a Hindu girl

Mansoor Anwar on Comrade Abdul Sattar Ranjoor
Chia Barsen - The Orlando Terrorist Attack and the Response from the Secular Left
Rahul Pandita - Burhan Wani-wali azadi? Leftists have succumbed to narrow view of Kashmir // Kunwar Khuldune Shahid - Disown jihadist ‘freedom fighters’ in Kashmir
Ten key questions (and answers) about the attacks on atheist bloggers in Bangladesh
Marieme Helie Lucas on the coordinated sexual attacks against women in Europe

Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi - Iran and Saudi Pour Fuel on the Sectarian Fire
Thomas Friedman - Saudi Arabia's export of Wahhabi puritanical Islam has been one of the worst things to happen to Muslim and Arab pluralism
Saudi Arabia Fixated on Iran When Sunni Extremists Are Real Threat

People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism condemns the harrassment of Shirin Dalvi

Mahmoud Mohammed Taha was a Sudanese religious thinker and leader executed for apostasy at the age of 76 by the regime of Gaafar Nimeiry. (See his Court statement)

These articles analyse communal politics in terms over and beyond religious divisions:
The Broken Middle (on the 30th anniversary of 1984)

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