It is strange that in all the narratives on the crisis in Iraq, not one mention is made of the fact that our own allies, some that we even went to war over, especially Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are the brains and financiers behind this terror group. Instead of labelling these countries as sponsors of terror, we are mum about their complicity in the mayhem that has engulfed Iraq these past weeks. This is because these countries have been used by us as proxies to supply arms and other supplies to the terror groups in Syria, and as long as they do our dirty work for us, we see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil about them. Will there ever be a time in this country's political history where honesty will take precedence over parochial interests, and where fairness will permeate our foreign policies? Instead of taking these countries to task, we are behaving like the provebial ostrich, with our heads buried in the sand and pretending that we do not see the source of the problem.