Wednesday, June 25, 2014


'June 25/26 marks not only the declaration of  Emergency in 1975. June 25 is also the Day in 1934 when a lethal bomb was hurled  at Gandhi and his cavalcade by Hindu orthodoxy in Pune when he was on his anti-Untouchability tour'  - Anil Nauriya


Dear friends,
Every year we observe 25th /26th June as Anti-Emergency Day to remember those dark days when internal emergency was imposed in the country on the mid-night of 25th/26th June 1975 which continued for 19 months. 
Fundamental rights were suspended, press was gagged, voice of dissent throttled and more than one lakh opposition leaders and critics were detained without trial. Dictatorship was in full swing. Supreme Court, the highest seat of justice, ruled that even if a policeman shot dead a citizen without any cause - or even with malafide intention, the victim had no avenue of redress.

On this day we also take stock of the prevailing situation to see as to what extent human rights are secure and what should be done to check the growing authoritarian tendencies in the governmental set up. 
At present the attack on the rights of the minorities, dalits, tribals, human right activists and other people’s rights organizations are on increase in spite of the change of the government at the Centre. Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act i.e. UAPA was amended last year to include threat to ‘economic security’ within the definition of the ‘terrorist act’ and thereafter the I.B. has dutifully brought out a report listing organizations which are posing threats to the ‘economy ’ of India. 

Around 150 Maruti workers still languish in jail for the last two and half years which basically is a labour-management dispute in which around 2500 workers were rendered jobless and their families on starvation. News of large scale retrenchments are pouring in. Such instances are only tip of the iceberg. 

Public Meeting at 5.30 PM, Thursday, 26th June, 2014
Venue : Gandhi Peace Foundation,
223, Deen Dayal Upadhyay
Marg, New Delhi-110002

Speakers include 
Justice Rajinder Sachar (Retd.), 
Shri Kuldip Nayar, 
Shri Ravikiran Jain, 
Dr. Aparna, 
Shri Ashok Panda & others.

All are welcome to participate.

N.D.Pancholi, Dr.N.K.Bhattacharya
P.U.C.L., Citizens For Democracy, Janhastkshep,
The Amiya & B.G.Rao Foundation
(M) 9811099532, (L) 27850073