Religious groups build temple on middle of highway - (So vigilantism is OK, as long as the intention is to inspire communal hatred?)

RAMGARH: Defying prohibitory orders, thousands of people from Hindu religious groups, including villagers supported by BJP, All Jharkhand Students' Union and Jharkhand Vikas Morcha began building a temple to Goddess Kali on the middle of a four-lane highway near Kankebar, in Ramgarh district on Sunday. 

People brought bricks, cement and other construction materials on NH-33 and started building the temple despite the ban, claiming the administration had ordered the temple's removal from the place a year ago when the highway was being built, but had left a mosque in the same area. The 352-km highway, NH-33, connects Barhi in Hazaribagh with Bahragora in East Singhbhum, and the controversial spot falls on the road between Ranchi and Ramgarh. District officials ordered heavy security and negotiated with the religious leaders requesting them to desist from their protest. They promised that the administration would shift the mosque to another place, but the religious leaders rejected their proposal saying no step was taken to remove the mosque for over a year. 

Archana Mahto, the mukhiya or chief of Murramkala panchayat, said the question was of people's religious sensibilities. "If the administration had removed the temple, it should have also shifted the mosque that came within the four-lane highway project," Mahto said. It was only after their petitioning was stone-walled by the administration that they decided to protest by re-building the temple, the right-wing activists told reporters. 

"We told the administration that they can remove the new Kali temple only after the mosque is removed," said Mahto, adding that the administration should be seen to be impartial to both religious groups. Meanwhile, hundreds of people including women sang religious songs where work for the temple is in frenetic progress. The situation was described as tense. The Jharkhand administration has deployed security forces including women personnel at the site as well as in other sensitive places in the district. Meanwhile, Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Praveen Togadia arrived here late on Sunday. Apprehending trouble, the administration beefed up security in the town and other sensitive places. 

Togadia spoke to VHP workers at JP Jain Memorial Lion Hall in Ramgarh and also visited the construction site on NH-33. He was followed by around 500 people holding flags and raising slogans of 'Jai Shri Ram'. The administration had difficulty controlling the crowds which nearly went berserk after receiving Togadia. 

Ramgarh police station officer in charge Dillu Lohar said they would keep a close watch on Togadia's activities. Meanwhile, Dileshwar Mahto, SDO, Ramgarh, said National Highway Authority of India officials will have to decide whether the four-lane highway project should be diverted from its existing location to solve the thorny problem

NB: The 'mainstream' that accuses AAP of 'anarchism', is itself guilty of maintaining private armies & controlled mobs; in addition to using the police to carry out fake encounters and to assault human rights. Some elements in the 'mainstream' have carried out mass murder and their apologists have written reams to cover up their culpability. They are still doing so. The AAP has not murdered anyone & is not agitating in the name of caste & community. As long as they remain within the limits of non-violence and respect for all (and admittedly this has come into question), they have a right to agitate. 

The AAP’s place in Indian democracy

That apart, those interested in the vigilantism of the 'mainstream' can start with these topics. The list, of course, is vast. I will add to it. 
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