Samar Halarnkar: The lights begin to wink out in India’s democracy

Too many Indians are happy to dismiss news of the gathering darkness, shrug at falsehood and bigotry, and be narcoticised into believing all is well.    On the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government sent tax raiders, escorted by police with automatic weapons, to the offices of a feisty news channel, Bharat Samachar, and India’s largest-circulated newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar – which has relentlessly revealed thousands of Covid-19 deaths that the government tried to hide – a few other things happened that characterised the speed with which the government is crippling the processes of Indian democracy and pushing it towards the darkness.

One of Modi’s ministers, Anurag Thakur – whose main claim to fame was urging Bharatiya Janata Party cadre to shoot traitors – said the government’s agencies did their job independently, a claim as believable as his boss’s assertion that Lord Ganesha was evidence of India’s ancient prowess at plastic surgery…..

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मध्यमार्ग का अवसान : दिलीप सिमियन

Society of the Spectacle / 'इमेज' - 'Image': A Poem on Deaths in the Age of Covid

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