Thursday, August 9, 2018

Stefania Rousselle - This is what being in love looks like: in pictures

After covering a series of bleak assignments – terrorist attacks in Paris, the rise of the European extreme right, sex slavery in Spain – the French-American photojournalist and videographer Stefania Rousselle was mired in pessimism and despair. “My heart was broken,” she said. “I didn’t believe in love anymore.” In 2017, to find joy once more, she decided to go on a road trip across France, asking random strangers to share their most defining and life-changing love stories with her. She posts them to her Instagram. Here are a few of the best ones
Andrée Vaity, 71, and Justin Vaity, 83.
“At the time, there was no mixed couple in Dunkirk. One day, we even got arrested by the police because he is black. My mother rejected me and wanted to send me to a correctional facility. So I left home with nothing, just my purse. And when we wanted to get married, the first priest we asked refused, saying black people were like cockroaches. We’ve loved each other for 53 years. And people now fight to get into the Caribbean nights we organize!”.. read and see pictures: