Monday, May 16, 2016

Governent of Gujarat disregards the HC stay order on Dholera SIR: Blatant illegality and unconstitutionality on display

Khedut Samaj-Gujarat
Press note:

Governent of Gujarat disregards the HC stay order on Dholera SIR: Blatant illegality and unconstitutionality on display

The 22 villages falling in the proposed Dholera SIR area have been agitating since the last 4 years. Their peaceful and non-violent struggle has gone unheeded by the Governent of Gujarat. The protest has received the support of Khedut Samaj – Gujarat and Jameen Adhikar Andolan Gujarat (JAAG). 

The local farmers and the Khedut Samaj – Gujarat have challenged the DSIR and the SIR Act 2009 (under which the DSIR has been declared) it through a PIL in the HC of Gujarat (no. 227/2014). On 10th December 2015 the Hon’ble HC of Gujarat granted a stay order and asked the GoG to maintain status quo with regard to the land i.e. directed the GoG not to proceed with land acquisition or related activities. 

Despite a clear cut order, the GoG and the agencies to which it has outsourced the work are striving to continue the work of land measurement, which is in direct violation of the court order. Such incidents have happened thrice already in the last 10 days, when the company’s officials have visited the land and the people have thrown them out of their land. 

When the GoG is hell-bent on disregarding the court orders, can the people be expected to remain patient? It is possible that the GoG is deliberately trying to precipitate a crisis under the pretext of which to crush the farmers’ agitation. Or, is it that the GoG is trying to tell the people: “I am the monarch of all I survey, my right there is none to dispute”; High Court orders do not bother us, we will do as we wish. If so, then the state of Gujarat is displaying its undemocratic and criminal core, pushing the state towards anarchy. 

(Sagar Rabari)
Secretary, Khedut Samaj-Gujarat