Ishrat Jehan's mother appeals for justice // CBI Probe Nails IB Officer’s Role // Important interview with Shamima Kauser's lawyer Vrinda Grover

“The Truth Behind This Conspiracy Is Necessary For The National & People’s Security” - Supreme Court lawyer Vrinda Grover, who represents ’s mother Shamima, talks about the shocking testimonies and the sting which implicates IB Special Director Rajendra Kumar and Modi’s top guns.

Did Narendra Modi, Amit Shah know of the Ishrat Jahan encounter in advance?

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Ishrat Jahan case: senior Gujarat IPS officer declared absconder
A Special CBI court in Ahmedabad here on Friday declared Gujarat IPS officer PP Pandey an absconder in the 2004 fake encounter case of Ishrat Jahan and three others.Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate of the special CBI court HS Khutwad passed an order proclaiming Additional DGP (Crime) PP Pandey an absconder under section 82 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). He has also been directed to appear before the court by July 31 to avoid further action. Pruthvipal P Pandey, a 1982-batch IPS officer, has been made an accused in the fake encounter case for providing "so-called crucial intelligence inputs" to fellow policemen that Ishrat and three others were LeT operatives and were on a mission to assassinate chief minister Narendra Modi. He was Joint Commissioner of Police of the city heading the crime branch when on June 15, 2004, Ishrat Jahan, Javed Shaikh alias Pranesh Pillai, Amjadali Akbarali Rana and Zeeshan Johar were killed in an encounter with the Gujarat police on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Earlier this month, CBI filed an application before the court demanding that Pandey be declared an absconder and initiation of action against him under section 82 of the CrPC on the ground that he was evading arrest despite a warrant issued by the court on May 2. Pandey is the second Gujarat IPS officer, after GL Singhal, who has been made accused in the case.

June 18, 2013: Statement by Shamima Kauser mother of deceased Ishrat Jehan
"My daughter Ishrat Jehan was abducted, illegally confined and killed in cold blood by officers and men of the Gujarat police, in June 2004. She was killed as part of a larger conspiracy that had a political agenda. Ishrat’s murder was projected as an ‘encounter’ and justified by branding her a terrorist who had come with 3 other men to attack the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. This was not the first fake encounter in Gujarat, other Muslims too had been executed in similar staged encounters, committed in the name of protecting the Chief Minster of Gujarat. Some of these other fake encounters, which are nothing but pre-meditated extra judicial killings, are already under investigation and prosecution.

My young college going daughter, Ishrat, was studying and working to earn and support her brothers and sisters, after the death of her father. Since the day of her murder, I have been stating that my daughter was innocent and had no links whatsoever with any terrorist or criminal activity. I categorically asserted the same in the Writ Petition filed by me in August 2004, before the Gujarat High Court, seeking a CBI enquiry to establish the innocence of my daughter and justice through punishment of her killers.

For 9 long years the Gujarat state, has abused its power, to obstruct, delay and derail the investigation,so that the hands and masterminds behind this heinous crime are shielded from legal accountability. The State of Gujarat and its senior IPS officers have filed frivolous and vexatious petitions in the Supreme Court, coerced witnesses, and deployed many other unlawful tactics. My lawyers have resolutely met each challenge and worked to uncover the truth.

The report of the judicial enquiry by the Magistrate Shri S.P. Tamang, in September 2009, concluded that my daughter was innocent and had been murdered by Gujarat police officers and men. The SIT appointed by the Gujarat High Court, under the Chairmanship of Shri R.R. Verma, too concluded in 2011, that the encounter was fake and not genuine and that Ishrat Jehan had been killed in prior custody. Under directions of the Gujarat High Court the investigation was transferred to the CBI and a FIR for murder and other grave crimes lodged in 2011.

The CBI is investigating the murder of my daughter and 3 others. The Gujarat High Court is monitoring this investigation and a status report of the investigation is regularly filed before the High Court. I have always placed my faith in the Court and pray that the Hon’ble High Court will ensure that my struggle for justice is not in vain. The CBI investigation has already led to the arrest of many senior Gujarat police officers and men. The CBI investigation has revealed that complicit in the staged fake encounter of Ishrat and 3 others in 2004, were not only police officers of Gujarat, but others as well.

The evidence collected by the CBI, as expressed to the High Court on the last date of hearing i.e. June 14, 2013, points to a larger conspiracy. The conspiracy appears to include Mr. Rajendra Kumar a senior officer of the Intelligence Bureau. The CBI counsel stated before the High Court on June 14, 2013, that their investigation shows that IB Officer Mr. Rajendra Kumar not only knew about the illegal detention of my daughter Ishrat but was also directing the operations.  I am astonished and distressed to hear that attempts are being made to protect Mr. Rajendra Kumar from arrest and custodial interrogation by the CBI.

I am also surprised that the media is projecting the CBI investigation as an attack on the institution of IB. To my mind, what is worrying, if not dangerous, for the security of India, is if high ranking officers in institutions such as the IB, abuse their position and fabricate information, to advance a communal and politically motivated agenda. It is in the interest of the country if such people are weeded out of the IB and the security of all the people of India protected.

Clearly, the investigation of the CBI is moving in the right direction and to thwart it a very crude and motivated move was orchestrated, by planting some audiotapes with a private media channel viz. Headlines Today. There is not a whisper of allegation against my daughter Ishrat Jehan in these so-called IB audio recordings. Significantly the timing of the broadcast of these tapes, on June 13, 2013, by a compliant private TV channel, the night before the hearing by the High Court, not only makes them highly suspect, but in fact betrays that they are desperate to shield the guilty. I would like to state here that my lawyers will be sending a legal notice and will initiate appropriate legal action against Headlines Today TV channel for the false, scandalous and defamatory statements made against my deceased daughter Ishrat Jehan.

When the next day the Additional Advocate General of Gujarat, brandished these planted and concocted CDs before the High Court, on June 14, 2013 and made specious arguments for them to be taken on record, the nefarious design and purpose was clear to all. The Gujarat High Court not only rejected this fallacious plea of the State of Gujarat, but also sternly reminded it of its constitutional duty to protect its citizens and admonished it for continually obstructing the investigation into the staged encounter.

I strongly reject and denounce each and every allegation and statement that refers to my deceased daughter Ishrat Jehan as being a terrorist or having any links with any terrorist activity or group. In the past too attempts have been made to taint the name of deceased Ishrat by planting false, concocted and baseless news reports. What is significant is that the judicial enquiry and impartial and professional investigation have always upheld the innocence of Ishrat.

The State of Gujarat has on each hearing before the High Court argued strenuously to disrupt and disturb the CBI team that is investigating the killing of Ishrat and others. As I observe the progress of this investigation, I ask the following questions. Why is the State of Gujarat so keen, almost desperate to remove Mr. Satish Verma, IPS, from this investigation? What does the State of Gujarat fear this diligent and honest investigation will reveal? Who are the persons the State of Gujarat is trying to protect?  

I have a right to know the complete truth – who killed my daughter Ishrat Jehan, who masterminded her murder, who stood to gain from the cold-blooded killing of a young Muslim girl. I have a right to complete justice, and for that it is necessary that the entire conspiracy is unearthed and all those responsible for eliminating my innocent daughter are indicted, charged prosecuted and punished."

NB - This is a challenge to those who believe in the values and principles of the Constitution. It appears that the only way high-powered criminals may escape justice is by attaining supreme executive power over the organs of State. The police and judiciary must realise that  upon their integrity rests the integrity of the Indian Union - Dilip

[Exposé] Ishrat Jahan Encounter: CBI Probe Nails IB Officer’s Role
Shocking testimonies and a sting implicate IB Special Director Rajendra Kumar and Modi’s top guns.
In cold blood In 2011, the SIT told the court that Ishrat was killed in a fake encounter

The is set to drop a bombshell in a case of extrajudicial killing of four alleged terrorists by the Gujarat Police nine years ago. TEHELKA has learnt that the CBI will testify before a trial judge in Ahmedabad that one of the accused officers has, in a sworn testimony, identified , now a Special Director with the Intelligence Bureau (IB), as a mastermind of the encounter killing of a woman and three men, all Muslims, on 15 June 2004. The agency, on the directions of the Gujarat High Court, is expected to file its chargesheet before the trial court on 4 July.
Explosively, a testimony by another officer claims that Kumar met the 19-year-old woman, , while she was in illegal police custody before being killed. Another testimony by a cop claims that an AK-47 assault rifle, which the police said belonged to those killed, had actually been sourced from the Gujarat unit of the IB, to which Kumar belonged then, and planted on the four dead bodies.
The allegations, if found true, would not only fix Kumar’s lead role in the murder of the four people. It would also unequivocally demolish the state government’s long-held claim that the four were terrorists on their way to assassinate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and were killed by the police on the outskirts of Ahmedabad in a predawn exchange of gunfire. The testimonies are especially stunning as this is the first occasion in India’s history that the IB, an opaque Central agency that functions virtually with no public oversight, has been dragged into the middle of a sordid crime.

Shockingly, one of the testimonies with the CBI also implicates Amit Shah — a Modi confidant who was Gujarat’s junior home minister at that time — as the one who ordered the cold-blooded killings. The CBI’s upcoming submission in the court on 4 July is bound to kick up a massive political storm as Modi has been tasked to lead his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in next year’s General Election, making him a contender for the job of the prime minister. Shah has been put in charge of the party in Uttar Pradesh, India’s politically most influential state that the BJP must win to rule New Delhi.
TEHELKA has exclusive information that the CBI  also possesses a secret audio recording made by a key accused, , who was one of the police officers who shot the four that fateful night. That recording of November 2011 is a conversation among Gujarat’s then junior home minister, Praful Patel, who had succeeded Shah in the job a year earlier; Additional Principal Secretary Girish Chandra Murmu, an IAS  officer who has served in Modi’s office since 2008 and considered to be one of his closest advisers; the state government’s most senior law officer, Advocate General Kamal Trivedi; his deputy, Additional Advocate General Tushar Mehta; an unnamed lawyer; and Singhal. (Patel, not to be confused with a namesake who is a Union minister, lost in the Assembly elections in December and did not find a place in Modi’s new cabinet.)...  
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Did Narendra Modi, Amit Shah know of the Ishrat Jahan encounter in advance?
NDTV has accessed details of the CBI's investigation into the killing of 19-year-old Mumbai resident Ishrat Jahan in June 2004, which suggest that Gujarat Chief Narendra Modi and his then home minister Amit Shah might have been informed of the encounter, which the CBI alleges was staged or fake. This alleged evidence came as the CBI began to probe the role of the Intelligence Bureau, specifically former Joint Director of the IB in Ahmedabad, Rajinder Kumar, who, it suspects, generated a false intelligence input which led to the encounter. The CBI's status report on investigations accessed by NDTV says that, the three main alleged conspirators - Rajinder Kumar and DG Vanzara and PP Pandey, both senior IPS officers of the Ahmedabad Crime Branch then - had discussed the Ishrat case two days before the encounter, on June 13, 2004. The agency has alleged that Rajinder Kumar asked Mr Vanzara and Mr Pandey what should be done with Ishrat and three young men, who were in their custody at that time. The CBI has alleged after speaking to eyewitnesses who were present during these exchanges.

On June 14, Mr Vanzara allegedly told a colleague that he had gotten the go-ahead from "white beard" and "black beard". CBI sources say that this is code amongst Gujarat's cops for Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Matching these dates are call records with the CBI, which allegedly show that Mr Vanzara made calls to both senior politicians. On the day he claims he got the go-ahead, Mr Vanzara allegedly called Mr Modi's residence at 2:49 in the afternoon, 14 hours before Ishrat was killed. The CBI also allegedly has call data records which establish that Mr Vanzara spoke to Amit Shah at 10:57 pm, five hours before the alleged encounter, which took place in the early hours of June 15, 2004.  Mr Shah and Mr Vanzara also allegedly exchanged calls at 6:07 am and 7:09 am, after the encounter.  These details are expected to be part of the CBI's chargesheet in the Ishrat case to be filed on July 2, next week.  Already, almost 10 police officials have been booked in the case. Mr Vanzara, already in jail for another case, was remanded in judicial custody in the Ishrat case earlier this month. The BJP has dismissed this as politically motivated, but the CBI claims it has the testimonies of 22 mid-to-lower-ranking policemen who were witnesses to the encounter and its planning.  

Ishrat Jahan encounter case: Cops protecting accused, says Gujarat HC

Close Encounters 
Strategically placed sources say that Girish Singhal has the Modi establishment breaking out in cold sweat. The man who was upfront in the Ishrat elimination team has reportedly spilled the beans. The change of heart is reported to have been brought about by the tragic death of his 17 year old son Hardik, who hanged himself in February 2013

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