Friday, 28 December 2012

Rest in Peace: Gangrape victim dies in Singapore hospital

Dec 29: Delhi Gangrape: Victim dies in Singapore hospital

This is one of the worst tragedies in recent memory. There are attacks on Indian women every day, somehow this one concentrated the sense of injustice and helplessness that we all feel. Let us remember that the bus in which she was raped was running illegally, without a permit and had been impounded six times in 2 years. We may only guess how and why it was allowed to be on the roads.

We may also wonder whether senior IAS & IPS officials, not to mention elected representatives across the political spectrum are aware of the regular intake of 'hafta' - something all private operators of transport vehicles, and all street vendors know about. The Chief Minister asks us to think and reflect. Yes, Madam, so we will. But can greater and lesser state officials ever think of a world without 'hafta'? Can we ever think of a woman entering a public transport vehicle or a police station without anxiety? May we dare to hope, even in moments of grief, that political leaders will refrain from making things worse with their insensitive and hateful remarks?

There is only a semblance of justice and fair-play in India - the dice are loaded against women, against the poor, against ordinary citizens. Their legal rights and their personal security are of least concern to the Indian establishment. This is not a matter of this or that party. In the matter of contempt for law and Constitution, not a single party's hands are clean. It is a fact of life, with deep social, economic & political roots.

A young woman went to see a film with her friend, and fell victim to a deadly cocktail of violence, contempt for women and the shameless corruption of the supervisors of Delhi's transport system. She fought her attackers and then for her life.  Her only fault was that she was a woman and she trusted the driver of what should have been a bus duly authorised to carry passengers. She did not know that even such a small assumption is too much to make in our 'world-class' capital. You never know whether you will emerge alive, dead, or fatally wounded.

Rest in peace, dear daughter, sister, friend. Those you leave behind in the world of the living cannot enjoy that luxury. 

I am saddened beyond words - Dilip

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By Rashid Hussain Hussain on Facebook
लोगो के दर्द को समझो मनमोहन जी ,
उन्हें रोने दो ,
जिद छोड़ दो ,
इंडिया गेट को खोल दो ,
आज सभी को एक होने दो ,
दर्द और गुस्से को ना दबाओ ,
बहुत जला है दिल ,
और मत जलाओ ,
पुलिस को बोल दो ,
इंडिया गेट को खोल दो ,
हम एक होकर रोना चाहते हैं ,
बहुत दिनों बाद सब रोना चाहते हैं ,
हमे खुल कर रोने दो ,
जिद छोड़ दो ,
पुलिस को बोल दो ,
इंडिया गेट को खोल दो , जय हिन्द


Nanhi kali soney chali
Hawaa dheerey aana