Bulandshahr violence: After a BJP MP backed accused, another takes aim at murdered SHO. (So Maoist violence is anti-national, but when Sanghi's kill policemen they're being patriotic?)

NB: Indian citizens, IAS, IPS and judicial officials may note the brazen hypocrisy of the RSS and its allies - they condemn Naxalism from one side of their mouths whilst from the other side they defame police officials murdered trying to control mob violence. Open hooliganism is practised by those who make a big drama of their so-called patriotism. What a bloody joke! This murderous gang is dragging India into a cesspit of hate and lawlessness. Let us be warned - now that they are suffering electoral defeat, they will step up the communal rhetoric, which is the only language they know. They must not be allowed to destroy the Indian Constitution. DS

Days after a BJP MP came out in support of the main accused in the killing of SHO Subodh Kumar Singh following a brutal attack by a mob over the alleged killing of cows in Bulandshahr, another MP from the party, has chipped in, this time to point fingers at the slain policeman. Meerut MP Rajendra Agrawal told The Indian Express Sunday that the team investigating the violence last Monday should also check whether the SHO became a target because the station under his charge allegedly failed to check cow slaughter and cattle smuggling.

“Whatever has happened in Bulandshahr on December 3 leading to the death of the Siana Station House Officer in mob lynching is highly deplorable. But the probe team should also include within its purview why no action was taken by the SHO in connection with the FIR lodged regarding cow smuggling at the Siana police station before the violence,” Agarwal said. “If cow slaughter has been declared by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as a serious crime, then we will have to look into the working of police stations, including Siana, over a broader time period. If we have to uproot the menace of cow slaughter, we will have to look at all aspects, down to the police station level,” Agrawal said.
On Thursday, Bulandhahr MP Bhola Ram had raised eyebrows by claiming that Bajrang Dal activist Yogeshraj Singh, the main accused in the SHO’s killing and who is on the run, was doing “noble and eye-opening work”. “Expressing your support for stricter cow slaughter laws is not a crime. He was doing noble and eye-opening work. He brought to my attention that such an incident has occurred. Rest is a matter of investigation,” the MP had said. Meerut MP Agrawal, meanwhile, alleged that “some officers” and policemen were posing a hindrance to Chief Minister Adityanath’s “long-cherished dream”.

“Putting a strict check on incidents of cow slaughter in the state is a dream of Yogi Adityanathji but some officers at the higher level and policemen down at the police stations are posing hindrances to the CM’s long cherished dream. I am not saying that all officers are corrupt but there are definitely some who have an agenda to denigrate the image of the BJP government for their vested political and monetary interests,” claimed Agrawal, a former RSS pracharak. “I have lodged complaints of cow slaughter in areas under the Kithore and Bhawanpur police stations but the higher-ups have not paid any heed to my concerns,” he claimed.

When contacted, the officers in charge of both the stations denied the MP’s claims. “There have been no reports of cow smuggling in the recent past from areas under my jurisdiction. It’s the privilege of the MP to make such statements and he is free to raise doubts. The police will definitely act if he gives us any specific information,” said Dharmendra Singh Rathore, in charge of Bhawanpur police station. “We are very sensitive towards cases of cattle smuggling and cow slaughter. We conduct regular raids on suspects in our area. I don’t know why the MP has raised doubts on our functioning,” said Prem Chand Sharma, in charge of Kithore police station. Last Monday, in an incident that has sparked outrage across the country, a mob attacked and killed SHO Subodh Kumar Singh after accusing him of not paying heed to their allegations of cows being slaughtered in the area.

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NB: There's an even graver lesson here - and this goes for everyone who prefers to look the other way when confronted with an elephant in the drawing room. And that is this: India's ruling class and a significant proportion of its citizenry have no problem with violence and lawlessness in the name of 'community' interests. For them, Naxalite violence is terrorism, whereas hooliganism, vigilantism, hate-speech and violent incitement are not just acceptable but desirable when committed by so-called patriots. The sting records ranking media barons willing to incite riots for money. This is evidence of criminal conspiracy, and we know nothing will be done about it. Here are video-recordings of 'Sangh parivar' cadre issuing murderous threats against a popular news anchor. 

The rot is old, and extends across the political spectrum. Naxalites never confronted communal groups nor bothered to understand communalism - for them, all political currents are the same. They have never even warned the vigilante gangs who have spread untold havoc in the country. There is no record of the communist parties resisting the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits and the communal temper of the so-called Azaadi movement. This despite the that one of the first victims of terrorism in Kashmir was a CPI leader, A S Ranjoor; not to mention scores of democratic-minded Kashmiri Muslims. Stark hypocrisy stares us in the face, but we always look away. Soon after the Modi government came to power, some of the Sangh cadre were praising Mahatma Gandhi's assassin, and wishing that Jawarharlal Nehru too, had been murdered. Despite all this, many of us like ex-President Pranab Mukherjee, will smile and attend RSS functions - after all its only culture, is it not sir. 

Neither Mukherjee nor any of our top opinion-makers will focus on the central issue - the violence that is committed with impunity in the name of nationalism and 'deshbhakti.' This hypocrisy has gone on for so many decades that it has become normalised. None of them care that by undermining the rule of law and bending criminal justice to the dictates of a private army that has been banned three times - beginning with the ban order of February 4, 1948, when Sardar Patel was the Home Minister - they are destroying India's reputation as a law-governed democracy, not to mention the integrity of our society and its institutions. Don't grumble about Maoists, ladies and gentlemen just look in the mirror. You have no problem with violence do you? Just as long as it can bring about communal polarisation and strengthen the rule of the 'Sangh Parivar'. Is that not the simple truth? DS

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