Monday, June 5, 2017

#50MillionTrees: how young people are fighting deforestation in Tanzania - by Kennedy Daima Mmari

Tanzania is facing a growing number of environmental concerns and biodiversity in the country is under threat. Rapid deforestation means more than 370,000 hectares of forest are cleared every year for charcoal, firewood and lumber without a clear plan for reforestation. Habitats are being lost and desertification has increased, with severe consequences not only for wildlife but also the health and livelihoods of farming communities living in rural parts of the country. More than three quarters of Tanzania’s population live at subsistence level, relying on crop growth and seasonal rainfall to survive. Agriculture accounts for a quarter of the Tanzanian economy, but it is these farmers who suffer the real, dangerous consequences of environmental degradation.

In late 2016, a group of us decided to take on the issue with the #50MillionTrees campaign, which aimed to encourage local people to reverse the loss of their natural environment. 
We want to encourage the idea that everyone can make a difference when it comes to climate change

We realised that if every one of the 50 million people living in Tanzania could be inspired to take a single action, like planting just one tree, we would gain far more than just 50 million more trees. As well as raising awareness about environmental issues, we could promote sustainability and encourage the idea that everyone can make a difference when it comes to climate change. What #50MillionTrees is trying to show is how individual actions and small changes in behaviour can make a big difference, both in a single country and globally. The idea is to inspire, educate and mobilise the population of Tanzania... read more: