Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why Is Trump So Angry? / The White House Is Lying About Comey / We’re Not Getting A Special Prosecutor Because Trump People Don’t Play By Your Rules

Why Is Trump So Angry? By Katy Waldman
The frantic violence of the president’s feelings- anything to sweep the Kremlin back under the rug - has produced what is surely one of the all-time great mindfucks in American history. The problem with a doctrine of wrath - in the presidency as in other walks of life - is that the rationale so clear to the boiling brain can appear ridiculous to the outside observer..
Donald Trump is upset. He’s not happy about America’s preoccupation with the “Russia narrative.” He’s angry that we’re bothered by the possible damning ties between his campaign and a hostile foreign power. He’s seething over the Senate Judiciary Committee’s insolent insistence on scrutinizing his people. “He would sometimes scream at television clips about the probe,”
Politico reports, in a piece that characterizes the president as “enraged” and “fuming.” He has sent furious tweets. “The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax,” he ranted during Sally Yates’ testimony on Monday. “When will this taxpayer funded charade end?”

It is such an odd, ubiquitous detail—that Trump is “enraged.” He is apoplectic, incensed, irate, vexed, sore, peeved, tantrum-y, mad online, mad offline, mad in a boat, mad with a goat, mad in the rain, mad on a train. The president’s rage, his defining characteristic, is not of the contemporary political moment. It is something archaic, mythological, like the rage of Achilles. How can you be “enraged” about an investigation that has already found clear evidence of your team’s wrongdoing and yet that your allies have moved mountains to hinder? Why is it infuriating that the American people want to resolve the question of whether an authoritarian country meddled in their election? A man with nothing to hide would feel indignant, surely, but not this all-consuming rage; a man with secrets would presumably feel dread or guilt. But Trump’s wrath is not the response of a conventional politician. It is the lashing out of a mad king against the disobedience of his subjects. On Tuesday, that rage resulted in the most famous Trumpian act: a firing... read more:

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