Monday, May 8, 2017

Eugenics. It works

Humans of Hindutva
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My parents were short, dark-skinned and had a low IQ and poor educational background. Which is why everyone was surprised when I turned out the way I have. Everyone except the RSS. My parents lived in Meerut and one day some guys wearing khaki shorts knocked on their door. They promised my parents that their child will turn out to be tall and fair if they purify themselves, use Ayurvedic medicine and have intercourse on a full moon night after killing a Dalit.
My mother was against the idea at first because she thought it was perverse and a bit like the Nazis and their eugenics program. The RSS also wanted them to never have sex once I was born because, for some bizarre reason, it would be suicidal. She only agreed when the RSS convinced her that their child would be bullied and a failure in life if he was not a Uttam Santati (perfect customized child).
Their sacrifices paid off when I was born. Nurses fainted on seeing such a beautiful baby. The doctor who delivered me shot himself in the head because he didn't want to deliver inferior babies after me. Everyone in Meerut loved me. Soon a Hollywood agent came and signed me for movies after some accent training.
I have become a star and it's all thanks to the RSS and their Garbh Vigyan Sanskar project. My father called me last week and told me that 'La La Land is fucking overrated garbage made for white people to remove the black roots of jazz'. I think he's depressed from not having sex for 36 years