Monday, December 26, 2016

Notebandi's impacts on rural Indians: reportage by the People's Archive of Rural India

Nobody has any cash. Not the banks, nor the ATMs and certainly not the people queuing up in and around them in despair. Even the policemen sitting in the vans outside bank branches haven’t any. ~ P. Sainath

Nepali rupees to the rescue by Arpita Chakrabarty

Most agricultural labourers can’t afford to go to the banks and stand in the long queues instead of looking for work. Many don’t even have bank accounts. So those who don’t get work for the day take their few old Rs. 500 and 1000 notes to a familiar place that still accepts these denominations: the local liquor store.

Demonetisation Deaths Are Likely Far Higher Than Reported 
According to doctors working in hospitals providing low-cost treatment, the number of patients has reduced by about 30% since demonetisation. 

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Nation-wide public tragedy unreported in India's mainstream media - click to see glimpses of ordinary Indians' reactions to note-ban crisis and please circulate - Scroll down the contents of the link above for clips of mass unrest in Indian society from shopkeepers & artisans to workers & peasants. Information about this assault on the lives of millions is being withheld by the mass media
CRPF Man who survived 5 Bullets shoots himself after failing to withdraw cash from Bank