Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Balagopal's 7th memorial meet in Hyderabad, October 9

Dear friends,

This October it will be seven years since Balagopal left us. The Human Rights Forum is organising a commemorative meet on October 9 (Sunday) from 10 am to 4 pm at the Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Hyderabad. We invite you to join us in remembering Balagopal on the occasion. There will be talks on four important, contemporary topics.
We shall be releasing four publications on the day. Written in Telugu, all of them were authored by Balagopal. They are:

Visthapana–Vidhvamsam (displacement-destruction) -- HRF publication.
Adivasulu: Chattalu- Abhivrudhi (Adivasis: Development and the Law) - Perspectives publication.
Konni Telangana Vyasalu (A few essays on Telangana) – Matti Mudranalu publications.
Kashmirpai Balagopal – Hyderabad Book Trust.

and a DVD -- Democracy Dialogues - containing a video and audio of Balagopal’s  speeches in Telugu – brought out by Article 21 Communications. A HRF publication titled Visakhakalo 7va number kalushya hetcharika will also be released on the occasion.

We have made lunch arrangements for all participants at the venue.
We hope to see you on the 9th

Human Rights Forum (HRF)
Maanava Hakkula Vedika

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