Sunday, March 13, 2016

Urgent alert: former nuclear safety regulator says Kakrapar likely undergoing serious accident

Dear friends

Dr. A Gopalakrishnan, the former chief of India's nuclear safety regulator - the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB) called me yesterday evening and has sent a short note, cautioning that there might be something more serious underway in the Kakrapar nuclear power station, than the govt is telling us.

Here is his alert on Kakrapar: 

Underlining the lack of transparency and absence of an independent nuclear regulator, Dr. Gopalakrishnan has said that "all future plans for expanding the civilian nuclear power sector should be put on hold until a truly independent nuclear safety regulator is put in place , who is not controlled by the AEC or the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) , who will then be answerable to openly communicating with the public on all civilian nuclear power matters."

Also, eminent physicist M V Ramana has warned on the 5th year of the ongoing accident in Fukushima. He has highlighted the safety risks and questioned the viability of tall projections by the DAE. The article can be accessed on

We must think of a collective public intervention urgently to highlight the unreliable, non-transparent and unaccountable response in case of the accident underway in Kakrapar and demand a moratorium on nuclear plans, as suggested by Dr. Gopalakrishnan. Kindly send your suggestions and discuss.

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Kumar Sundaram

Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP)