Monday, February 9, 2015

Gujarat: popular agitations against ‘Ordinance raj’ of the government

Khedut Samaj (Gujarat) // Jameen Adhikar Andolan-Gujarat
Press  note
9th February 2015
Anti-people ‘Ordinance raj’ of the government
Farmer Organisations and social organizations angry
State-wide programmes announced
A series of ordinances, which have serious implications for people’s livelihoods and rights, have been announced by the Government of India. Anger and resentment among the people and the people’s organizations and social movements are on the rise. Representatives and leaders of about 20 farmer, Maldhari, Adivasi and women’s organizations met today to voice their concerns and anger at the anti-people policies of the government. 
After giving a detailed explanation of the recently passed Ordinance amending the LARR 2013, it was resolved to protest this. The provisions of this Ordinance are certain to imperil the lives of people. Various national organizations are active on this and are planning to organize protests around this. 
In Gujarat, when the Assembly reconvenes on the 23rd February and the two houses of parliament meet for the Budget session, farmers, Maldharis, women, labourers and Adivasis will organize taluka and district-level programmes against this. They have planned to issue a notice to the Mamlatdar/Collector warning the central government that anti-farmer ordinance and policies / steps that endanger the food security of the nation will not be tolerated, and should not be passed in parliament on the strength of brute majority, else the farmers and other citizens will be forced to adopt a more aggressive stance. 
Together with this there will be programmes where anti-people Acts of the Government of Gujarat viz. 1) the SIR Act, 2) the Irrigation and Drainage Act, and 3) the recent Ordinance amending the LARR Act 2013 will be offered in the Holi fire. 
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