Thursday, May 15, 2014

Democrats resist Budapest memorial which tries to whitewash Hungary's role in the Second World War

Support us in our protest against the Budapest monument planned to commemorate the German invasion of Hungary in March 1944
Reject the government’s abdication of Hungarian responsibility for the wartime treatment of Hungarian Jewish and Gypsy citizens in the course of the Holocaust.
The Hungarian government is planning to erect a monument in Szabadság tér (Freedom Square), Budapest, by the end of May. It is intended to commemorate Germany's invasion of Hungary on the 19th of March 1944. The statue depicts the Archangel Gabriel being attacked by a large black eagle. Gabriel represents 'innocent' Hungary: the eagle the invading Germans.
Prevent the erection of a memorial planned for Budapest which tries to whitewash Hungary's role in the Second World War.
The symbolism of the piece is Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's government’s attempt to whitewash history and ignore the fact that Hungary willingly, without coercion, joined the Second World War on the side of the German Reich. 
It also ignores the fact that, by the time Germany invaded Hungary, ever more restrictive anti-Jewish laws had been introduced by a succession of right wing Hungarian governments creating fertile ground for the deportations and atrocities shortly to be faced by hundreds of thousand of Hungarian citizens.  The Hungarian government of the time was enthusiastic in its collaboration with Eichmann's extermination plans. 
The present government has to take responsibility for the mass murder of its own HUNGARIAN Jews and Gypsies and not shift the entire blame on the invading Germans.
The raising of this monument is a frightening act at a time when the survivors of those terrible times are still with us today. We ask The President of Hungary, Mr. János Áder, to listen to those within his own country and abroad who object to the monument and wish to prevent it from being being erected.
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[The picture shows the draft of the Hungarian government’s Nazi occupation memorial, by Hungarian sculptor Peter Raab Parkanyi]
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