Donald Trump's gift to America: Realizing we've never been a liberal democracy. By PAUL ROSENBERG

NB: What America has been doing to the rest of the world for decades after the Second World War, it is now doing to itself. Four people are dead after a Trump-sponsored riot: see pictures. There's so much to say its difficult to begin. Those who imagine the USA to be the leader of 'the Free World', and a 'shining city on a hill', may reflect on a few examples of American intervention. In collaboration with Britains MI6, the CIA promoted the overthrow of Prime Minister Mossadegh in Iran in 1953. The US intervened in Vietnam from 1963 and 1975; and overthrew Chilean democracy in 1973. President Allende was assassinated in his residence; and beloved Chilean singer Victor Jara murdered by the military after his hands had been smashed. 

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The US intervened in Afghanistan before the USSR arrived; and collaborated with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in Bangladesh President Mujibur Rahman's assassination in 1975. This is a small sample of the USA's attitude toward democracy abroad when the policies of certain governments did not suit its strategic interests. Trump's most fervent Indian admirer can now advise him how best to instigate violence from the background. Or, for the time being, repent at leisure. DS

Donald Trump's gift to America: Realizing we've never been a liberal democracy

Is Trump a threat to liberal democracy, as elite voices tell us — or a reminder that we've never gotten there?    If every cloud has a silver lining, Donald Trump's destructiveness offers this one: He has forced us to a point of reckoning about America. If we think all this chaos is just about him, we've missed the whole point. On that point, there's wide agreement. Beyond that, however, there's considerable disagreement, if not confusion. The vast majority of elite discourse sees this in terms of a challenge to liberal democracy - a challenge that's been unfolding worldwide over the past decade or so, sometimes characterized as a "third wave of autocratization." 

There's a large body of knowledge and experience behind this point of view (see groups such as Varieties of Democracy for a global perspective, or Bright Lines Watch in the U.S.). But such an idealized view of American democracy has always been challenged by African Americans, for instance: See Frederick Douglass' "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" or Langston Hughes' "Let America Be America Again.") Trump's election, in obvious response to Barack Obama's, has had the effect of pushing the longstanding Black critique of American democracy to the very center of our politics. …

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