Haryana police at work: 'Cops told us to be quiet for sake of honour': Survivors of Murthal describe their gangrape ordeal

Murthal (Sonepat): Amid continuous police denial, two victims came forward and described the ordeal they suffered on the Murthal highway on the evening of 22 February when Jat protesters — who were agitating to press the government to accept their demand for reservation in government jobs — allegedly assaulted them sexually along with several others. They also disclosed the conspiracy of silence hatched by the cops, who allegedly discouraged them from reporting the matter 'for the sake of their honour'.

Keeping in view the safety and privacy of the victims (as per their request), their locations have been withheld. “Along with my husband, I was on way back to home from Delhi when our bus was stopped by the rioters a kilometre away from Sukhdev Dhaba (a famous eatery). My husband and I, along with several others were dragged out and taken to a lonely roadside field, where I was gangraped till the time I lost consciousness. The other women in the bus met the same fate. 

When I regained consciousness, I saw some men searching for something. Despite severe pain, I kept mum and tried to hid myself thinking that they were also rioters. But some of them spotted me. They came closer to me and offered help. They reunited me with my husband, who was robbed and badly beaten by the goons. My clothes were torn. In the meantime, some policemen reached there and they arranged a vehicle for us,” the 27-year-old victim told Firstpost.

Asked why she did not file an FIR, she said the priority for her and her husband was to save themselves first and leave the place. “Even worse, we were advised by the officials there not to report the matter for the sake of honour, because what has happened could not be undone,” she added...

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