Friday, July 31, 2015

Central Reserve Police kill a labouring couple in Kotagarh, Odisha. Activists demand justice

NB - The following message received from a human rights activist in Bhubaneshwar speaks for itself. Beneath it is a press release by the Campaign Against Fabricated Cases (CAFC), Odisha; and a brief report on an incident in Kotagarh on July 26, 2015. The activists have disclosed their contact details. All democratic-minded citizens should try and obtain more information about it and agitate for justice to the victims - DS

"As you know, killing a Maoist is a very rewarding incentive for a police officer. Arresting a Maoist or killing her/him can bring monetary benefits, promotions, state awards to the police officially. Unofficially, the police can have unchallenged control and supremacy over the people - fetch bribes, luxuries and everything. That's why the police officers (backed by the Government) are in a mission to increase 'Maoist infested' districts and it has become a common practice to name a young adivasi/ dalit as a dreaded Maoist and then kill her/him by faking an encounter.

To draw your attention to one very recent incident in Kandhamal, where the CRP force killed two a middle aged persons (couple)who had gone to hillside to get better mobile phone network for making a call to their son who works as a labour in Kerala. I am attaching two reports by two Human rights activists for your information. The Police and Government are trying to cover up the incident and allow the killers to get away - may be they'll get state incentives for their this 'heroic' and 'nationalistic act'.

In this context, may I request your feedbacks and comments on how to deal with such issues in a situation when human rights activists are also being targeted by the Modi government? ..

Waiting for your response,
Dhirendra Panda
Convener, Civil Society Forum on Human Rights (CSFHR) and
Secretary, Centre for the Sustainable use of Natural and Social Resources (CSNR)
VIM-395, Sailashree Vihar, Bhubaneswar-21, Odisha, India
Cell: +91 9437385757,

Skype: dhirendra_panda


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Bhubaneswar, Dt. 27.07.15

Campaign Against Fabricated Cases(CAFC), Odisha strongly condemning  the 'Fake Encounter' by CRPF & SOG forces at Panglpadar village of Madaguda G.P of Kotagada Block area and brutally killing of ordinary citizen(Dubeswar Nayak - 45 yrs & Bhubudi Nayak - 42 yrs - both are husband & wife), who were engaged in telephonic conversion with their sons at a place of hills where mobile network is accessible.

The Constitution of India have not authorized any person to kill anybody. But always security forces are violating the constitutional norms and killing ordinary citizens in the name of combing operation.

The CAFC, Odisha demands CBI inquiry the matter, Rupees 20 lakhs compensation to the deceased persons and exemplary punishment to the killer security personnel in this press release. A fact finding team will visit the place soon and will exposed the police brutality on common people in Kandhamal, the release said.


Brief report on the incident
After the church service yesterday Dhubaleswar and his wife along with other three from his village Pangalipdar went to the top of . nearby hill to make phone calls to their children working in Kerala by 4 pm.

Other three, Sukant Challanset and his wife, and Jibed Challanset returned to their home after they finished talking to their children. During that time they met two Central Reserve Police Force( CRPF) who pointed their guns towards them and asked their whereabouts. They told that they belonged to the nearby village and had gone up to make calls to their sons working in Kerala. They also informed about Dhubaleswar and his wife making phone calls still there. Then they let them go.

After half an hour these three heard some gun firing sound came from the top of the hill. About 20 villagers were ready to visit that place but they were afraid of the CRPF. By that time it was dark. Next morning as they did not see the couple at their home they went to that place in search of them. Surprisingly they did not see them on that spot where they stood for phone calls. but saw blood here and there, man's vest, and two pair of slippers. 

They searched the whole mountain but did not find them or their dead bodies.Then they came to the police station at Kotogarh and informed about the incident to make an inquiry. In their FIR they have mentioned that CRPF must have killed them. The police went to the  spot and verified. They also could not find them or their dead bodies. This news spread like wild fire because Dhubaleswar was very good and popular christian leader.

People came in large number and shouted against the police atrocities on the innocent people like them. We went to Kotogarh which is  about 100 km from Raikia and saw hundreds of people demonstrating on the road side and they have blocked the road demanding the dead bodies to be given to them.Twenty four hour gone but they could not see the dead  body of their beloved leader.

My hear broke when I saw their two daughters who were crying intensely in the crowd. They came, hold me and asked me " why they killed our both parents, at least  they could have left either one for us"! Tomorrow we will go again to give company and comfort to them. We do not know what is waiting for us tomorrow. I will let you know.

This is the place from where 7 innocent christian leaders have been jailed since 2008 October. 

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