Barking mad

An ever-extending list of insane utterances & activities by India's leading lights.. 
(To be continued..)

Dressing Like Men Causes Hormonal Imbalances in Women: Mumbai College Principal 
Cows Inhale And Exhale Oxygen, Says Rajasthan Minister 
Senior Indian policeman recommends 'honour killing'
'3000 condoms, 2000 liquor bottles at JNU': This BJP MLA is keeping count
Twitterati can’t get over BJP MLA’s condom count at JNU
Rajnath Singh Says Nothing Inflammatory In Katheria's Agra Speech
Muslims warned of ‘final battle’ at Sangh meet: Union Minister Katheria 
Union Minister Gen VK Singh compares the killing Dalit kids with 'stoning dogs'
BJP MP Adityanath’s outfit offers guns to Hindus in Dadri
Karnataka Home Minister K J George says rape by 2 men not gangrape Sanatan Sanstha Outfit Has Advice For Men: Long Hair Reduces Sperm Count
After Kalburgi's murder, Bajrang Dal leader says another rationalist next 
Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti: ‘Hindu women should not marry outside community’
Rape by four persons is not ‘practically’ possible, says Mulayam Singh Yadav
Anti-porn crusader thinks porn is worse than Hitler, AIDS, cancer and nuclear holocaust
RSS attacks IIT's and IIM's for being anti-national and anti-Hindu
By 2020, India will be a Hindu nation, world by 2030: Ashok Singhal
Those opposing Gajendra Chauhan’s appointment are ‘anti-Hindu': RSS
PM Need Not Answer on Simple, Silly Issues: Union Law Minister on Vyapam Deaths
Mamata Banerjee's nephew Abhishek threatens to gouge out critics' eyes 
BJP General  Secretary doubts Indian Vice-President's patriotism: Ram Madhav's tweets
Gunman kills 9 worshippers in Black church in US
Pappu Yadav threatens to beat air hostess with slipper
Minor Dalit girl beaten up because her shadow fell on a muscleman
UP journalist burned alive: You can't fight nature, says Samajwadi Party Minister
India's Defence minister taunts Pakistan with jibes about chillies
Radical Burmese monk Ashin Wirathu calls UN envoy a 'bitch' and 'whore'
Narendra Modi hails Sheikh Hasina's resolve to fight terrorism despite "being a woman"
Rapes happen with mutual consent of boys and girls: UP Minister Totaram Yadav
Muslims and Christians must undergo sterilisation
Delhi law minister has fake law degree
Heisenberg's theory of uncertainty based on Vedas, Rajnath Singh says
Halal Sex Shops to Sell 'Islamically Approved' Adult Toys for Muslims in Mecca
Australia Islamic School 'Bans Running' Over Virginity Fears
Homosexuality prevents evolution and progress of human race: Indian religious leaders
Shiv Sena Suggests 'Family Planning' for Muslims, Christians in New Controversy
Hindu Mahasabha Leader Says Muslims, Christians Should Be Sterilised
Scrap Muslims voting rights, says Shiv Sena
Divided colours of Ahmedabad: Saffron uniform for Hindu kids, green for Muslim
Evict Muslims from Hindu areas: Pravin Togadia
Mohd Asim - Congratulations. We've Forced an Editor Into a Burqa
Sakshi Maharaj reveals the BJP's long standing tie to Nathuram Godse
Hindu Mahasabha head speaks to FP: Godse was a 'martyr' and 'patriot'
Caliphate of Fear

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