Friday, April 3, 2015

ACTION ALERT: Alirajpur in Madhya Pradesh is being targeted afresh by RSS and Bajrang Dal to stoke communal violence


Alirajpur in Madhya Pradesh is targetted afresh by RSS and Bajrang Dal. Playing high volume music on DJs in front of the mosque and trying to provoke Muslim community has been continued since Ramnavmi. But yesterday, one shop of a Muslim was put to fire. A Muslim boy was beaten. I talked to some people in Alirajpur. I talked to some people in Alirajpur and Jhabua and they told that the atmosphere is very tense. 

Police and administration are either supporting the hooligans or they have chosen the role of becoming silent spectators. The officers are reassuring their senior authorities sitting in Bhopal and Indore that everything is under control.  I request all concerned to keep an eye on Alirajpur. It is a Adivasi dominated area of Western Madhya Pradesh which is also known for heroic battles fought by Adivasis against forced displacement

Please phone or email or fax to Collector and S. P. of Alirajpur showing concern about these communal incidents there. Please also inform about these things to friends in media. Please make administration and Police feel that there are people who are keeping a close watch on the incidents to make sure that communal harmony remains intact. Recently, it was reported in 2nd March's Hindustan Times Indore edition newspaper that some Christian's farm was attacked by some so called Hindu right wingers alleging him to be involved in conversion using the same old excuse.

Please do something soon. I talked to my contacts in that area and they sounded quite afraid. If a delegation could meet DGP at Bhopal, that may serve as preventive measure.

Vineet Tiwari

Authority's Phone numbers:
Collector Alirajpur Mr. Shekhar Verma 

07394-234400 (O), 
07394-234500 (R)

SP Alirajpur Mr. Akhilesh Jha 
07394-233350 (O), 
07394-233450 (R)