Monday, June 6, 2016

A milestone for this blog - half a million hits

Dear Readers,
The first week of June 2016, marks just short of 56 months since I began blogging. This is to mark half a million hits since October 2011. And to thank you for reading. As you know, its not a commercial blog, and my only satisfaction is to see it being used and appreciated. I have also used it as an archive for talks and lectures. I'm aware it has readers in countries all over the world - it's great to be able to reach them. Salaam to all of you! 

Here's a brief survey (all titles listed below are links): 

The first post was on Oct 17, 2011, and included these:

500,000+ hits in 56 months marks an average of about 9000 per month, and an average of 90+ posts per month (total posts 5089). Over the years the number of monthly hits increased, and in the past few months has sometimes gone over 18,000. The highest number of posts in a month (179) was in September 2013. The largest number of visits for any single post was for my article on the JNU controversy: What is to be Undone - 8888 as on June 7.

The 6 top posts on Gandhi attracted over 16,560 hits:

These labels are links to documents and accounts of historical significance

Among my articles, these were some other popular ones:
Shekhar Gupta - National Interest: Secularism is dead! - 2601 hits (this was written just before the 2014 election. Readers might like to re-visit this to see if my argument makes sense in light of subsequent developments)
The Broken Middle (on the 30th anniversary of 1984) - 2519 hits

The Citizens Appeal to Aam Aadmi Party Leadership  in March 2015 attracted 3319 hits
The Almond Trees, by Albert Camus was the most-read post under 'philosophy' (1685 hits)

Alerts to threats in 2013 Europe from John Cleese was the most popular bit of satire with 1774 hits. He's damn funny; as is another JohnFunny and very scary - John Oliver on Nuclear Weapons (between US nukes and Donald, that should truly put an end to history). I like this one too: History of the middle finger / Importance of the horse's ass (its particularly relevant to the current US election scenario). As for the motherland, here's some doggerel inspired by our great leaders: Rajnath denies rift in BJP / Lets believe everything we're told..; and some of their utterances: Barking mad

Quotes from my favourite writer: P.G. Wodehouse Quotes Guaranteed To Make Your Day
and an extract that reminds us of the continuing importance of George Orwell: Ignorance is Strength - Freedom is Slavery - War is Peace  (there's a Orwellian reminders label too)

Some heartening accounts of love in troubled times: 

The unsung hero to whom we probably all owe our lives:
and historic colour photos of Russia in 1917

This young gent is doing his utmost for a better world: 15-Year-Old Xiuhtezcatl Roske Martinez's Inspiring Speech on Climate Crisis at the UN

Footage of the legendary Australian night parrota bird not seen alive for a century

These are my (personally speaking) most memorable posts:
This was my most-read book review - 1254 hits

This story from Delhi university in 1988 is for those facing the brunt of hurt sentiment:
Thanks once more and keep reading!
All the best

and here are two postscripts, with accessible videos: