‘Social media used to incite violence’

Tweets by BJP national executive member C T Ravi on the Sahranpur riots has come in for severe criticism for their inflammatory tone. In one of the posts, Mr. Ravi, who is also party general secretary for Karnataka, uploaded a video link that said: “How Congress leaders made 1000s of Muslims attack the Gurdwara & cause Saharanpur riots — watch this Sikh speak.”

Mr. Ravi also tweeted, “Only the Gujarat model, that worked from 2002 in containing their rioting elements, can work. Apply across Bharat.”

Appealing to the NHRC to take note of these messages, Delhi-based lawyer Shehzad Poonawala said: “These tweets are inflammatory, hate-inciting and aimed at communalising the atmosphere.” Mr. Poonawalla alleged that the modus operandi and design behind these riots seemed was reminiscent of the Muzaffarnagar riots in which dozens of people were killed on the basis of false propaganda spread via social media. “Since Mr. Ravi belongs to the same party as the PM and the Home Minister, and mentioned ‘Gujarat Model from 2002’… It is essential that the PM and the Home Minister clarify if they endorse this brand of communal politics.”

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