Blackboard slogan of schoolgirl provokes Chinese re-education across Tibet  The Chinese authorities have cracked down massively across Markham (Chinese: Mangkang) County in Chamdo Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region after a middle school girl wrote “Long Live Dalai Lama” on blackboard, reported (Radio Free Asia, Washington) Apr 22, citing local residents. Large Work Teams of party cadres were reported to have been dispatched to conduct political re-education in schools across the county. Residents have been cited as saying the campaign was being led by the county party secretary Bao Luo. In talks given to the children and staff under the campaign, the officials have been accusing the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile in India of "advocating separatism and using religion to deceive Tibetan Buddhists”.

"We had to launch this campaign to cleanse students and staff of the wrong influence of the Dalai clique, so that the students can grow up with a healthy and stable mind to [adhere] to the [directives of the] Chinese Communist Party," a resident was quoted as recalling an official’s remark. The report did not say what happened, if any, to the girl who wrote the slogan on blackboard.

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