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Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti - Representation to PM on Migration fresh registration - February, 2017

To: The Hon’ble Prime Minister,
Union of India, South Block, Raisina Hill
New Delhi
February 17, 2017

Subject: Safe guarding the life and survival of Non-Migrant Kashmiri Pandit families who stayed back and chose to live in Kashmir Valley after the mass exodus of the Community in the year 1990

Hon’ble / Esteemed Sir,

May it please your honour, with reference to the subject cited above it is most humbly submitted as under:

That from the last few months we have submitted a series of communications to your goodself for the survival of the left out Kashmiri Pandit Community who stayed back in Kashmir Valley after the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandit Community due to armed insurgency and political turmoil in the Valley. The last 26 years this left out Community faced all sort of threats and administrative isolations which include cold blooded massacres which occurred till 2003 and leaving out from the all the welfare decisions taken in the interest of “Migrant Kashmiri Pandits” and “Surrendered Hardcore Militants”. 

At present this miniscule minority of 808  families comprising of 3445 souls (as per government census conducted in the year 2009) is slowly wiped out as liabilities by making our lives miserable, dejected and depressed one because no successive government took our problems seriously as we are not counted under “Vote Bank Politics”. This fact can be corroborated with the statistical data which our organization collected, analyzed and processed and is reproduced herein below:

Sr. No.
Time Period
Kashmiri Pandit Population
In Kashmir Valley (families)
Migration (families)
Till 01.01.1990
01.01.1990 – 31.08.1990
01.09.1990 – 31.03.1992
01.04.1992 – 31.03.1998
01.04.1998 – 31.03.2008

These figures reveal that out of 75,343 families; 74,535 families i.e. 98.92%, of Kashmiri Pandits living in Valley opted for migration from time to time till 31.03.2008 and even after the said date the process of migration never stopped. These figures also reveal that the KP population in the Valley is still draining out and obviously, it is not the security reason but clearly indicates that the State and Central Government have failed in restoring their faith in the Community and nothing positive has been done to stop this effectively.

As per the Government Census done by the end of December 2009, reveals that there are just 808 families living in the Valley having nearly 3445 souls. As the process of migration never stopped so the figure after the gap of 7 years, i.e. 31.12.2016, can be more less as it seems from the trend which can be seen from the figures above. The dwindling population of the left out Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir Valley says a lot about the apathy they are facing at the hands of successive Governments.

The unrest faced by the Valley in the year 2008, 2009, 2010 and now in the year 2016, have created lot to trust deficit for majority community and the State Government being the sufferers as every Kashmiri Pandit living in Kashmir, whether having any affiliation to any political party or not, is a born “Jan Sanghi” and “Government of India Agent” and this tag name attached to Kashmiri Pandits have created life as depressed and survival almost bleak.

The present Government and its alliance are making this miniscule community to run from pillar to post as some members of State BJP unit are in a mood to take political revenge as they treat us as traitors because we did not left Kashmir Valley in 1990 and for a section in Majority Community Population we are having a tag name called “Jan Sanghi” and are unwanted in the larger interest of their political agendas.

That this miniscule Community despite facing all odds contributed in its own ways and means to the larger interest of the Country and State by actively participating in the process to bring peace to this part of the world. Though from the last 26 years no support was provided to us by any successive governments, but still we never backed and worked selflessly at ground zero in the interest of our Country. Till date nothing has been done to mitigate our problems but on the contrary the news about the re-opening of fresh migrant registration being started by the State Government, with the consent of Ministry of Home Affairs, Union of India, have raised few questions which needs early answers, so that this left out community can take a unanimous step for the future so that the legitimate interests of the Non-Migrant Kashmiri Pandit Community are safeguarded.

The re-opening of fresh registration, means that Central and State Government is indirectly accepting and acknowledging that the situation in the Valley is Out of Control and the Militancy is increased many folds as such State and Central Government is unable to protect their citizens who are not supporting the secessionist voices. If the political workers are not safe, then

1) the recent resolution passed by the State and Central Government that already Migrant Kashmiri Pandit Population will be re-settled/rehabilitated in Valley is an eye wash as how can a State Government at the same time allow fresh registration of migration on the basis of life threat & claim to bring back Kashmiri Pandit population who have faced cold blooded murders till year 2003 ?

2) how come a Valley based Kashmiri Pandit, who by default is Pro-Indian, is safe?

3) why the minority security pickets installed at different places in Kashmir Valley were removed and exposing/risking the life of the left-out Kashmiri Pandit who are still residing in Kashmir Valley ?

4) It seems that that State Government / Central Government was deliberately trying to put the left-out Kashmiri Pandit population at risk of life threat for gaining some hidden political agendas, when they feel that their party workers are not safe then how cam left-out Kashmiri Pandits are safe ?

5) At the time of crises and massacres the then Government in the year 1998 and 2003 was requested  to re-open the registration of migration for Kashmiri Pandits, so that left-out Kashmiri Pandits could leave the Valley and live a peaceful and safe life but at that time it was denied, then why it is re-opened now ?

6) Why Central and State Government do not register the entire Valley based Kashmiri Pandit families as “Migrants” to save their lives from any further massacres as happened till 2003 and rehabilitate them outside Kashmir with the facilities at par, as provided to other Kashmiri Migrants?

7) If not, then why a Valley Based Kashmiri Pandit, who always is a pro-Indian, is made scapegoat when other political workers are given a chance of registration as “Migrant” and live a peaceful life outside Kashmir?

On the contrary, if the situation is not so bad that a fresh “Migrant” registration is needed then this is surely a dangerous move played by the State Government and it alliance political party to get their political workers settled on the budget meant for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits and it seems that re-opening of this fresh registration of Migrants done by the current government and its alliance political party is to facilitate their party workers in Valley by providing them hassle free Government Jobs and Accommodations and other rehabilitation benefits which will help them to establish the base of their Political Party in Kashmir Valley.

As the situation in Kashmir Valley is deteriorating day by day due to increasing Militancy related incidents and Militant Encounters, it is humbly prayed that the matter be looked into on priority basis and we left out Kashmiri Pandit families who are still residing in Kashmir Valley be also provided a chance so that we can take a unanimous decision of leaving Kashmir Valley and getting ourselves registered as “Migrants” without any pre-conditions so that we the miniscule minority could live a peaceful and threat free life outside Kashmir, and oblige

Thanking you in anticipation with request that any decision / communication made in this regard may be forwarded to us also.

Yours faithfully
Sanjay K. Tickoo
President, KPSS

Copy to the:
1.  His Excellency The Governor, State of Jammu and Kashmir, Raj Bhawan, Jammu.
2. Hon’ble Union Minister for Home Affairs, Union of India, Central Secretariat, North Block, New Delhi.
 3. Hon’ble Chief Minister, State of Jammu and Kashmir, Civil Secretariat, Jammu / Srinagar.

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