Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AMAN Update on J&K Flood Relief Work

Dear Friends,

Greetings from all of us at AMAN Trust and Sadhbhavna Trust (SBT)!

On behalf of the community with whom we are working in Kashmir; the AMAN Trust and SBT we once again thank you for for your support and solidarity for the relief and rehabilitation work that we initiated in Kashmir on 17th September.

This is the second update we are sharing with you. You may recall the first update was sent on 30th September.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Tata Group for providing financial support for travel of doctors, community kitchen and hygiene kits and quilts. A team of doctors from the Tata Group also joined the group of doctors from St Johns Medical Hospital Bangalore and AMAN doctors in extending the medical camps to areas of Srinagar town.  

Here is a brief update on the activities undertaken until now.
1/ The Team and Volunteers: A team twelve doctors and two nurses from St John's Medical Hospital Bangalore joined the medical team and volunteers of AMAN Trust to conduct medical camps. The first team from Bangalore was in the valley from the 23rd September till the 2nd of October. The second team arrived on October 1 and they conducted camps until 11 October.

2/ Medical Camps and Report: Here are some facts and figures regarding locations and patients who attended the medical camps. 

2.1/  A total of over 20,000 beneficiaries were given medical treatment and free medicines during the camps in various villages of district Baramulla (10000 patients), district Bandipora (7000 patients), district Budgam (1000 patients) and Srinagar town (3000 patients). The camps were held in over 25 villages and localities.

2.2/  The five most common problems encountered were Musculo Skeletal 28 %, Dermatological 20 %, respiratory Tract Infections 16.5 %, Anemia 6 % and Gynecological (mainly pelvic inflammatory disease) 4.5 %. Fortunately, diarrheal disease that are typically associated with flooding were not that common.

2.3/ Awareness Programmes: Along with the medical camps, the team of doctors and volunteers conducted awareness programmes in the evening informing the community about how to take measures to avoid post-flood diseases and epidemic. The issues highlighted were those related to stagnant water, household methods of purification of water, how to identify symptoms of  diarrheal and intestinal diseases which have a tendency to emerge in post flood areas, precautions for children, pregnant women and elderly and other such matters.

3/ Community Kitchen: The community kitchen were held from 17th September-8 October.  Our team collaborated with the villagers to initiate community kitchen in different villages. The Community Kitchen reached out to well over 50,000 people in Bandipora and Baramulla districts.  The villages where the community kitchen were located were Najin, Gadakhud, Shagunpora, Khandajipora, Deour Yakwanpora.


4/ Future Programme: After making a needs-assessment analysis based on our experience and observations over last two weeks, AMAN and SBT have decided the following future programmes.

4.1/ Continuation of Medical Camps, Awareness Programmes and Monitoring and Prvention of Epidemic: The AMAN team of doctors will continue the medical camps until end of October. After that, we will again review the situation. Besides the camps, we will also focus on making people aware of the post flood diseases and epidemic and how to prevent such diseases.

4.2/  Distribution Quilts (Kambals), Hygiene and Household Kits : AMAN team has conducted extensive needs-assessment survey in the worst affected villages of Baramulla and Bandipora districts.

With the help of community and villages volunteers it has identified the most deserving families who need assistance with such items. A total of 600 kits and quilts will be distributed in following villages. Zadimohalla 115 families, Mandyari 86 families, Mangan Mohalla 68 families, Gadakhud 125 families, Khandajipora 51 families and Shagunpora 148 famlies
5/  Reconstruction of AMAN Medical Centre in Mattipora: The AMAN primary health care centre which was established 12 years ago in the village Mattipora in Baramulla district has been completely destroyed. Nothing remains of laboratory and medical equipment that we built with lot of effort and support from donors and well-wishers. In the next six months AMAN plans to rebuild the health centre so that we can continue providing the much needed medical facilities to around 20 surrounding villagers. 

6/ Resources, Donation and Request for further donations: A very large number of people extended their solidarity and support for the relief programmes by generously donating financial resources, medicines and extending voluntary services. Until now the AMAN Trust and SBT have collected approx Rs 13 lakhs from individuals and institutions. We have spent around Rs 10 lakhs on medicines (Rs 9 lakhs), Community Kitchen (Rs 1 lakh). All the funds collected from individual donors have been spent only on direct benefits like medicines, food and other such items. We will be happy to share any information that you may need regarding donations and expenditures related to flood relief work.

We request you to raise more resources for community kitchen, medicines, quilts and hygiene kits. Those who want to donate in kind can send us following medicines. Make sure these are new medicines.

Those friends who want to donate money they can donate through cheque or wire transfer.Your donations are exempted from Income tax and we will send you an 80 G certificate. Make sure you send us details of your donation at

The details of the account is as follows:
AMAN (Public Charitable Trust)
For wire transfer/RTGS/NEFT:
HDFC Bank, New Friends Colony Branch, New Delhi
SB Account No: 00891000049040
IFSC Code: HDFC 0000089
Name of Beneficiary: AMAN (Public Charitable Trust)

7/ Besides large number of individual donors, we would like to acknowledge support and solidarity of the following people and institutions who helped AMAN and SBT raise resources and gave their precious voluntary time.
Dr Sanjiv Lewin, Dr Prestesh Kiran and the team of doctors and nurses from St Johns Medical Hospital, Bangalore.
  • Ajit Chaudhari and Sourav Roy of Tata Sons Ltd and the doctors of the Tata Group of Companies.
  • Students and Parents and Faculty the Inventure Academy Bangalore
  • Father Joe Xavier, Father Paul and the Indian Social Institute
  • Mukul Manglik, Krishnan Agarwal and the students of Ramjas College, University of Delhi
  • Rustam Chaudhari, The Shri Ram School
  • The Miranda House Staff Association, University of Delhi
  • Youth Group of Village Najan in Baramulla
  • Tanveer Dar, Action Aid Srinagar
  • Parveen Sikand, Radha Khan, Susan Abraham, Ashok Nehru, Gurpal Singh
  • and Sana Javeid
With Best Regards
Jamal Kidwai, AMAN Trust and Madhvi Kukreja, Sadhbhavna Trust